Scribe FAQs


April 01, 2019

What’s your dream feature?

We believe that building a great product means building a product that has our customers at the heart of decision-making. We regularly hold calls with customers to try to understand precisely how Scribe can help them, whether it be in building a new writing habit, or overcoming anxiety.

As such, we are always open to new ideas - however crazy they may sound - and believe that the best ideas come from gathering a lot of feedback from a diverse group of people.

Therefore, if there’s something on your wish list - that feature you would LOVE to see built by the Scribe team - please get in touch with Henry, our Head of Product, with:

  1. A brief description of what you would like built
  2. Why you want that feature

Want to use Scribe for FREE?

If you’re willing to help us out even more, we are offering one month of Scribe for FREE for anyone that is willing to hop on a call with Henry to just spend 20 minutes talking about:

  1. Why you downloaded Scribe?
  2. What you like/dislike about it?
  3. How Scribe could be improved

If you’re interested, just send an email to request a call & 1 month for free


Written by the Scribe team. Download our MacOS app or contact one of the founders for help.