Scribe FAQs

How do we make money?

March 01, 2019

High-Quality Products

We are a small independent company.

We haven’t take on external investment, nor do we want to.

In order to ensure that we can stick around as a business - rather than collapsing after a year or two like most startups - we need to be profitable so that we can cover our costs.(developing technology costs A LOT more than you may think & we need to sustain the living costs of our team).

This means we need to charge for our products.

The Scribe App

We believe in trying before buying, so you know precisely what you are getting out of a deal.

That’s why we allow customers to write a few entries on the Scribe app before limiting functionality in order to encourage you to pay for the app.

We believe that it provides enough value to customers that it merits the price.

However, we also don’t like the idea of squeezing people out (maybe they don’t feel comfortable paying for the app after just a few uses or they simply don’t have the money to pay for it at the moment).

That’s why we allow you to continue accessing the entries you created on the free version, as well as writing in those entries so you can continue to enjoy the core value of the app:

Writing in a calming, immersive environment to get your thoughts down on the page.

The Scribe Membership Service

We charge a lot more for the Scribe membership product because we believe that:

  1. It is good enough to merit the price

  2. Charging a high price means that customers actually take the process of improving themselves seriously. They are consciously committing to a big financial commitment in the recognition that it can bring impactful, fundamental, positive change to their lives.

  3. It requires a lot of work for three people to create high-quality, unique & engaging content on an almost daily basis

  4. -

Sure, we could offer our products for free. We could take on investment to fund as as we focus on growing users, rather than growing our revenue.

But at some point the money runs out. And we aren’t the kind of people that are going to put ourselves in that position, putting our hard work - as well as the hard work you put in through journaling or taking courses with us - at risk.

We take our work -the change we want to make in the world - too seriously to do that.


Written by the Scribe team. Download our MacOS app or contact one of the founders for help.