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January 01, 2019

Our Journey Towards 76 Million Calm Minds

Six months into a new job, at about the same time, it struck us:

We were miserable.

Lacking purpose. Energy. Direction.

We both made excuses to try to brush over the truth:

That we should probably stick it out for at least a year to not look like quitters.

That, considering it was nearly November, it made more sense to wait until after Christmas.

That it would probably get better.

But one lunchtime, during one of our brief escapes from the claustrophobic atmosphere of the office, conversation turned to the future.

And we both realised that we would never be ready, that we could make all the excuses we could think of, but it was time to make a change.

And so Scribe was born.

Born from a desperate need to do something else. To find purpose. To instil purpose & direction in others, so that they would not need to suffer, stuck, devoid of purpose, as we had found ourselves.

We tried a podcast, tried a blog, tried freelancing. And looking back, there was always a common thread only clear now:

A desire to help others find purpose.

We just lacked the means to help you achieve that.

Until we realised that the catalyst for change in our own lives wasn’t from the conversations, but had come from journaling.

That we had both journaled for years. And that each morning, as we sat down to write a few pages about our hopes & our fears, we had grown to understand ourselves better. To understand when & how we strayed from our purpose in life — and how to correct our course along the way.

And that, therefore, if we could get others to journal, they would be able to understand themselves better & to find calm through quiet moments of self-reflection.

Scribe has been built to help you achieve that goal:

To understand yourself better & create a calmer mind through writing.

A simple immersive writing app, coupled with writing exercises (feature launching in early 2019) & some clever emotional & personality analysis designed to help you build a journaling habit.

We live in a world of increasing levels of anxiety & depression & are determined to help others navigate that world.

Our mission is to help 1 million people — whether suffering from anxiety, depression, or simply feeling a little lost in life — to understand themselves better & create a calmer mind.

Let this be an open invitation to join us on our journey & to gift yourself a quiet moment of self-reflection each day,

Jonathan & Henry (Founders)


Written by the Scribe team. Download our MacOS app or contact one of the founders for help.